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How We Work with Individuals and Practices

Verve Collaborative Health LLC provides a team of expert consultants that matches your priorities for growth and innovation. Time frames always vary. Below is a sample roadmap based on what we have seen in the recent past. Private practice isn't instant to get going, but we accelerate and streamline the process.


Once you are in agreement with the proposal, we'll send you over a SAMPLE agreement with a prefill form. We do A LOT in the background, so this can be a lengthy document.  Don't stress, we want to make sure you know what you are getting into. We're here to answer any questions you have. 


  • Review your proposal

  • Ask questions

  • Understand the process & expectations

Now the real fun starts!

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You will be introduced to your new CSM. A CSM is a Client Relationship Manager who is here for you every step of the way and beyond with Verve Collaborative Health..


We start by filling out all insurance forms for credentialing. Credentialing takes about 60-180 days. You can start seeing cash patients immediately.


While we wait on credentialing confirmation letters. We have a workflow and checklist created, with over 50 items on it. This is where we set you up with logins, marketing profiles, building security, patient (client) preferences, Microsoft training, EHR training, EHR Billing, EHR Scheduling, EHR everything, your schedule, digital forms, etc. We aren't just waiting on credentialing, there is plenty to learn and do before you see your first patient. 

Expected patient schedule buildup: 90-180 days after first patient with insurance.

Payment from insurance: avg 37 days after fully credentialed.

Payment from patient: usually within 60-90 days, Credit Card on file required from patient

Now let's Practice!

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